Aluminium or Aluminum Grix Sunglasses


Comments are off Sep 26, 2015

For all our US customers out there, we apologise for listing our Sunglasses as Aluminium rather than Aluminum. It dates back to the days when the British first settled Australia in around 1770. It is commonly believed that the British sent convicts to Australia due to the over-crowded prisons in England. This is not strictly true. They wanted to colonise Australia and were looking for skilled farmers or trades people to help establish the colony.
Anyhow, this English pedigree has meant that we adopted their system of government, laws and English language. The English say Aluminium, the US says Aluminum.
Whether it is Aluminium or Aluminum, Grix Sunglasses are made for a very high grade 6061 aluminium stock that makes it perfect for machining and polishing to a fine finish.

6061 Aluminium also is relatively easy to form or bend to shape which in turn makes them very easy to fit to a wide range of head shapes and sizes.