Are there any health benefits of wearing sunglasses?


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We look at sunglasses mainly from the point of view of fashion. How different designs and colours can go along with different styles of clothing. They give your personality and outfit a brighter look. However, an interesting question to ponder upon is if wearing sunglasses has any health benefits.

It might sound bizarre to you at first, but isn’t it a valid question? If you do not get what I mean, look at the price tags of designer sunglasses in Australia. If you are investing a significant amount of money in something, it’s reasonable to have adequate knowledge of its benefits.

Benefits of wearing sunglasses

First and foremost, sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) light. UV rays have a form of electromagnetic radiation that is highly harmful to your body. The effect it has on your skin can amount to ageing, wrinkles, and burns. So imagine the impact it has on your eyes.

It can increase your risk of developing cataracts. Also, exposure to UV can damage the cornea of your eye due to burns. Sunglasses offer adequate protection from UV rays. Therefore, wearing sunglasses can help in keeping your eyes healthy.

However, suppose the sunglasses you liked do not provide a hundred per cent protection from UV rays. In that case, another option is to look for a wraparound style. Wraparounds reduce the amount of UV exposure to your eyes. However, choosing glasses that offer a hundred percent protection from UV exposure is recommended.

Things to consider when buying sunglasses

Another factor to consider if you wish to reap the benefits of wearing glasses is polarisation. It is an optional feature that helps in reducing the glare of light. Polarisation can make the experience of wearing sunglasses more comforting. Moreover, we cannot ignore the fact that it looks fantastic.

Remember, the colour of your sunglasses is purely cosmetic. It does not affect their functioning. Therefore, do not let anyone fool you that a particular colour’s tint would be more effective than some other colour. It would be the same.

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