Australian Summer


Comments are off Jan 10, 2016

The Australian summer has come early with some warm to hot weather all over the country. Unfortunately this is brings the risk of bush fires and Western Australia has already had soime bad fires that have razed over 100 homes.

Average temperatures range from 15°C-26°C (59°F-79°F overnight low to peak) in Melbourne and Sydney, up to 25°C-36°C (77°F-97°F overnight low to peak) in Port Hedland Western Australia.

Today is a perfect day in Melbourne with the temperature at 2.00pm at 27°C.

However, these perfect cloudless days increase the exposure to dangerous UV Radiation so wearing quality sunglasses is not just a fashion statement.

UV Radiation can cause cataracts or photokeratitis. These are either benign growths or painful sunburn on the eye’s surface.

There is also evidence that long-term exposure to blue and violet light from the solar spectrum can cause Macular Degeneration.

You will be pleased to hear that Grix Sunglasses uses specially designed lenses that provide 100% protection from UV radiation.