Do different lens colours make any sense in designer sunglasses?


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Do you ever think about the different coloured lenses while you buy designer sunglasses online in Australia?

Of course, coloured lenses in designer sunglasses are used to enhance impressiveness and style. But the visual look is not the only reason for choosing a lens colour.

Varied colours in sunglasses may have various functions like blocking light, improving visual acuity, reducing glare, or making colours more clear. Thus, to buy designer sunglasses online in Australia without thinking about a particular colour is not wise. These lens colours like the red lens designer glasses in Australia, are there for a reason.

To make an informed decision, you have to have basic information about coloured lenses.

Lens colours are not related to UV protection:

While you buy blue or red lens designer sunglasses in Australia for protection from Ultraviolet rays, you have to check if the lens has a UV-protection coating. With these lenses, you get a hue view of the world, but the protection from UV rays can’t always be promised.

What are coloured lenses for?

The colours of lenses in designer sunglasses in Australia have no role in blocking UV rays, but they are effective against High Energy Visible (HEV) light. HEV is known to damage the retina. Thus, it is important to choose the lens colour wisely.

Do not go to the shop and select a lens randomly. The choice should be based on your lifestyle and pre-defined plan to use your red lens designer sunglasses in Australia. Believe it or not, but a wrongly selected lens colour may negatively impact your vision.

Common colours for your lenses

Wear green lens designer sunglasses to reduce eye strain and glare. These lenses filter blue light and provide better contrast.

Lenses with blue or purple tints help you see surrounding objects more clearly by making contours more vivid when looking at reflective surfaces. Blue tint works well in foggy weather.

Gray coloured lenses are effective to reduce glare. These sunglasses are especially known as fishing sunglasses. They are similarly effective for cloudy and sunny weather conditions.

If you choose red lens designer sunglasses in Australia, the choice will be soothing for you while you drive your car. These sunglasses reduce eye strain. Red sunglasses are effective for sports activities as well.

There are more colours with different benefits. You can know more about coloured lenses by browsing some online designer sunglasses shops in Australia.