Lenses and Australian Standards

Steve Maskell (Dip. O.D., and Senior Lecturer at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and David Watson (Dip. O.D.) are some of Melbourne’s leading experts in the field of optical dispensing and have over 50 years of experience in the Optical industry.They have worked with our design team to ensure that Grix Precision Eyewear feature the highest quality lenses available.

Our custom aluminium frames are combined with optically corrected 2.0mm cross linked polycarbonate lenses. This material is the same material chosen to construct the visors for NASA space helmets and provides incredible strength, clarity and optical precision as well as maximum impact resistance. Our lens technology prevents distortion that can occur when light hits a curved lens. The result is zero refraction and excellent optical clarity.

Grix Sunglasses lens testing

This amazing material also provides 100% protection from
harmful UV rays including UVA and UVB light up to 400 nanometres and easily exceeds all international sunglass standards. We have also specified 82% light filtration (18% transmission) tinted lenses to ensure the maximum glare reduction on even the brightest days.

Choose from three lens colours to ensure you have the right lenses for all applications including driving, fishing and golf.

  • Smoke or grey lenses are an excellent choice for everyday use. They provide the most natural colour vision.
  • Brown lenses provide good contrast and depth perception, and are best for outdoor activities with a green background such as fishing, skiing and golf.
  • Green (G15) lenses provide exceptional contrast and clarity and also keep a good balance among the colours of light. Green is also a popular colour for tennis, golf, or driving.

All our lenses have scratch resistant coatings to minimise wear and tear under normal applications. Grix Sunglasses also come standard with an anti-reflection coating to reduce reflected light interference.
To further protect your eyes from sun damage, all Grix lenses have a semi-mirror coating to reduce harsh light glare while increasing
the optical performance of your Grix Sunglasses.
Finally you can choose from our optional Fire Red or Cool Blue
genuine metallic coatings to really make your Grix Sunglasses stand out.

Grix Precision Eyewear use lenses that comply with the following International Standards:
Australian Standard AS/NZS 1067:2003.
European Standard EN 1836
American Standards ANSI 780.32001

Cool Blue
Fire Red
Green (G15)