Grix 57 Flash Design, Polished, Brown Lens, With Flash Mirror Finish

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Grix 57 Flash Design, Polished, Brown Lens, with Flash Mirror Finish

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Product Description

Luxurious and classic sunglasses made with a stylish mirror finish, flash-designed brown lenses inspired by the sweeping lines of classic cars of the 50s, giving a  touch of retro-chic in your eyewear.

Look like a million bucks with these stunning brown lenses, classic flash designer glasses giving you that perfect vintage look.

Looking for a stylish and vintage-inspired pair of sunglasses? Look no further than Grix 57 Flash Design sunglasses. With their polished, brown lens and flash mirror finish, these glasses are perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of retro glamour to their look. 

So why not take a step back in time with Grix 57 Flash Design sunglasses?

These retro sunglasses in Australia are perfect for any car enthusiast who wants to add some style and class on the road. They have a sleek, stylish polished brown lens pair that will make driving more enjoyable by adding visual appeals and providing protection against glare so you can see better when out there in traffic or looking at your next destination.

Our Grix 57 mirror finish designer brown lenses in Australia are designed with the latest trends in mind, giving you an effortlessly cool look. So whether your goal is to stand out from the crowd or just blend right into it—these shades have what we call “the perfect balance” between modernity and nostalgia.

What makes these sunglasses so unique?

 I’m not sure if you’ve ever worn a pair before, but they are the perfect accessory for any outfit and can make even an average day look good. Let’s talk about some of its exceptional features:

  1. They are a perfect blend of a modern and classic look. 
  2. The frames and lenses are made from high-quality materials, which means they’ll last you longer. 
  3. The mirror finish gives them an elegant look, while the flash design makes it comfortable for your eyes to wear all day long. 
  4.  Made with the best materials to protect against the sun’s UV rays and grit/sand particles. 
  5. Ultra HD brown lenses provide improved vision in bright light due to their scratch-resistant surface along with increased longevity.

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