Grix 57 Flash Design, Polished, Smoke Lens, with Flash Mirror Finish

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Grix 57 Flash Design, Polished, Smoke Lens, with Flash Mirror Finish

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Product Description

Stylish and edgy designer sunglasses with a random milled finish and a polished, smoke lens with a cool blue finish add an extra layer of style.

Let your eyes be the stars of the show with these luxe designer sunglasses with eye-catching cool blue finish smoke lenses.

That feeling you get when your sunglasses unlock that cool, confident look? That’s what Grix Spark Designer sunglasses are all about. It is a new way for riders to stand out on the road with their unique style and is best for outdoors on any day.

Our new luxe and exclusive spark designer cool blue finish sunglasses in Australia are a must-have this season. These frames feature an eye-catching design and polished finish with smoke lenses that make them extra special. Uniquely crafted to provide great protection against the sun’s rays, grit, sand particles make your journey beautiful.

Our cool blue finish smoke sens Grix Sparks sunglasses in Australia are the perfect way to finish your summer look. They’ll have you looking sharp all season long. Plus, with their unique random milling finish, you’ll stand out from the crowd no matter where you go.

Still, confused about buying them???

Let’s talk about a few benefits of our exclusive cool blue finish Grix sunglasses:-

  • 1) They make you look more attractive than usual and project air-of confidence about yourself.
  • 2) Made with premium quality ultra HD smoke lens with a cool blue finish which will leave your eyes feeling cool and refreshed all day long.
  • 3) Crafted to provide 100% protection against UV rays, sands particles, and dust.
  • 4) Scratch-resistant, polished, hard-coated lens, which all in all increase the longevity.
  • 5) It comes with all qualities you can think of- durable, stylish, comfortable, lightweight.

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