Grix Fireball Design, Brushed, Smoke Lens, with Cool Blue Finish

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Grix Fireball Design, Brushed, Smoke Lens, with Cool Blue Finish

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Product Description

Stylish and unique shades feature hotrod flames carved into the billet aluminium arms with a cool blue finish smokey lenses, making these shades perfect for any occasion.

Limited edition, extraordinary designer shades with exclusive Fireball design and cool blue finish will dazzle your eyesight like never before.

We all have days where we want to be outside and enjoy the sunshine, but you’ll also need something that will keep your eyes safe and match your style, like the perfect pair of sunglasses. Grix Fireball Design, Brushed, and Smoke Lens sunglasses are perfect for any occasion- from going on an impromptu bike ride or playing cricket in the park all summer long. With their cool blue finish, these shades ensure that they will keep looking good no matter what happens during your day.

Our exceptional anti-UV, excellent blue finish smoke lenses in Australia have an exclusive Grix fireball design. They’re made from premium material and are designed to give you comfort with long durability for a great look. So get protection against the sun’s harmful rays or grit on sand beaches, these will keep your eyes safe while still looking awesome.

Make a statement with these badass shades. These shades are sure to turn heads with carved flames in the arms and a smoke lens with a cool blue finish. Plus, the billet aluminium construction ensures durability and quality.

Still sceptical about buying them? Let’s talk about some of its benefits;-

  1. The lenses we use are made from the highest quality material, ensuring that your view is beautifully captured.
  2. In addition, our shades have all the qualities you could desire in sunglasses. With a sleek and stylish design, durable construction for extended-lasting use that’s lightweight yet comfortable to wear.
  3. Tough, scratch-resistant and durable lenses that last for years without wear.
  4. You don’t have to worry about the sun’s harmful UV rays anymore, our shades are designed with 100% protection.

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