Grix Fireball Design, Red, Brown Lens, with Fire Red Finish

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Grix Fireball Design, Red, Brown Lens, with Fire Red Finish

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Product Description

These exclusive shades feature red frames with brown lenses and a fireball design. The billet aluminium arms are carved with hotrod flames for an extra touch of style. These shades will turn heads wherever you go with their fire red finish.

Red Hot Rod Shades for Your Eyes – Exclusive Burning Eyewear with Fire Red Finish and Smoking Hot Fireball Design.

Take a walk on the wild side with Grix’s exclusive Fire Ball Design Burning Eyewear in Australia. These shades offer protection for your eyes in style, with red frames and brown lenses that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Grix is known for its innovative use of materials like billet aluminium, which they carve into hotrod flames to make these shades stand out even more.

The Grix fireball sunglasses in Australia come with a fire red finish to add a touch of style to any outfit. In addition, the brown lenses protect from UV radiation and glare. These sunglasses are perfect for a day at the beach or a night out. With their exclusive design, these shades will turn heads wherever you go.

These edgy and smoky hot sunglasses are made from high-end materials and aluminium metal that provides durability and longevity to the product. In addition, Grix provides stylish quality products at competitive prices. 

Do you still need more reasons before buying these hot sunglasses to up your game this summer? Here they are:

  1. They come with stylish designs that won’t weigh down too much in your bag. 
  2. The lenses are scratch-resistant and tough, durable enough to last you through any activity or adventure without ever being damaged. 
  3. These lightweight frames also provide excellent coverage against glare from sunny days, which will give you better percentage chances at scoring big-time catches. 
  4.  Provide 100% UV protection to be sure your eyes will stay safe while fishing in harsh sunlight on an overcast day.

Show off your fiery attitude with Grix’s Burning fireball design Eyewear this summer. Visit our website today

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