Grix Heat Design, Brushed, Smoke Lens, with Fire Red Finish

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Grix Heat Design, Brushed, Smoke Lens, with Fire Red Finish

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Product Description

The smokey and stylish sunglasses with brushed metal arms are full of sweeping, subtle lines that give them a fiery or aquatic look. The smoke lenses keep your look sharp, while the fire red finish gives these frames an added touch!

The hot new line of sunglasses is full to the brim with flowing, subtle lines and fire red finish design features, giving an extra spicy look to your style.

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that will never go out of style in Australia, then Grix Heat Design sunglasses are the ones. Complete with sleek and stylish billet aluminium arms with brushed, fire red finish frames. They have just enough attitude without being too overbearing or attention-seeking, which is perfect because we all know how much people love their accessories.

The eyewear itself features prescription lenses made from an anti-reflective coating to ensure maximum clarity when viewing images under bright lights, so no more squinting while trying to check your phone screen outside during summertime hours ̶ plus there’s also scratch-resistant coatings on both fronts.

Our Grix Heat Design sunglasses in Australia are a perfect accessory for any outfit, especially one with an edgy vibe. The smoke lenses make you look sharp and professional while the metal arms give them that little extra something – they’re full of flowing lines which give these bad boys some fiery attitude.

Get the extra hint of poison to your style this season with Grix fire red Sunglasses. Here are some of its features, making it more alluring to add to your accessories.

  1. Perfect to your eyes protected against the sun’s harmful UV rays, dirt, grit particles etc.

  2. The smoked lenses are fashionable and made with a hard-coated Ultra HD lens, lasting longer and giving a clear view.

  3. Made with Aluminium Metal which adds durability and style to the shades

  4. Perfect to be adorned for any outdoors at any time 

Add these smoky shades to your accessories today. Visit our website to order now.

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