Grix Heat Design, Brushed, Smoke Lens, with Flash Mirror Finish

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Grix Heat Design, Brushed, Smoke Lens, with Flash Mirror Finish

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Product Description

Cool and stylish sunglasses with brushed metal arms are full of flowing, subtle lines that give them a fiery or aquatic look, while the smoke lenses with flash mirror finish keep you looking sharp.

Rock some serious style with premium edgy heat designer sunglasses with brushed flash mirror-finished smoke lenses

Looking for a cool and stylish way to keep your eyes safe from the sun? Grix Heat Design’s Brushed Smoke Lens Sunglasses with Flash Mirror Finish is perfect for you in Australia. These glasses combine sleek and sophisticated design with serious sun protection, perfect for any summer activity. So whether you’re hitting the beach or the golf course, these sunglasses will help keep your eyes shielded from harmful UV rays.

Grix Heat design sunglasses in Australia are the coolest accessories to carry outdoors. Our sunglasses are elegant and lightweight. They have an exclusive design with a mirror-finished smoke lens that will make you feel comfortable yet durable for long-lasting wear.

Our beautiful smoked lenses will make you stand out from the crowd this summer with a sleek and distinctive design. With subtle swerving lines that suggest fire or sea in their shape and the unique flash mirror finish give them an extra chance to catch your attention with their captivating outlook that is sure not to be forgotten soon enough.

Here is a list of 5 great reasons you should invest in these stylish shades.

  1. Premium quality Ultra HD lenses give you crystal clear vision without any worries.
  2. Our shades come equipped with 100% protection against UV and reduce strain from harsh sunlight.
  3. Keeps eyes protected against scratches and dirt while increasing vision clarity outdoors.
  4. Stylish and durable sunglasses with a lightweight design make them comfortable enough for extended usage periods.
  5. Scratch-resistant coatings make sure these shades last longer.

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