Grix Heat Design, Polished, Smoke Lens,with Flash Mirror Finish

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Grix Heat Design, Polished, Smoke Lens,with Flash Mirror Finish

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Product Description

The sleek and stylish flash mirror finish smoke lens sunglasses with billet aluminium temples are accented by subtle swerving lines that suggest fire or sea, making this a statement piece of eyewear.

“The mesmerising sunglasses with an aesthetically pleasing, unique, and captivating flash mirror finish heat design that will catch your attention.”

What better way to spend a hot day than out on the town with your friends and family? You need something that will make you feel unique, like Grix Heat Design Sunglasses in Australia. These sunglasses come in an exclusive polished smoke lens which gives off no reflection but instead highlights every detail of what’s around us. This is perfect for those who want to experience sporting events or just take leisure time activities seriously.

Our excellent Polished Smoke Lens with Flash Mirror Finish Grix sunglasses in Australia are made from quality materials. They have an exclusive Heat Design, giving you comfort and long durability for great looks. These shades are ideal for protection against ultraviolet rays of the sun and grit or sand particles.

Our distinctive and edgy heat design sunglasses in Australia have subtle swerving lines, suggesting fire or sea craved on billet aluminium temples. The polished smoke lenses are made out of the best components for perfect clarity that will turn heads with its unique style giving you a powerful look on your bike ride.

Do you want to look cool while protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays?

Wearing Grix heat Designer smoke lens sunglasses is an excellent way of doing both. What are some other benefits that come with wearing them, ask me now.

  1. With our shades, you will be able to view the scenic beauty of your destination in style.

  2. Durable and lightweight while still being comfortable enough for long-term use.

  3. Our sunglasses come equipped with 100% protection against them.

  4. These glasses provide the ultimate protection with their hard-coated lenses that are scratch-resistant and dustproof.

  5. They’re made from high-quality materials to ensure long life so that you can wear them without worry.

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