Reasons Why Aluminium Sunglasses Are Better Than The Others


Comments are off Jul 22, 2021

Sunglasses are a necessity these days. Those harsh UV rays might hurt your eyes pretty bad. But sunglasses don’t just fight the harmful UV Rays, and they are a fashion statement! You cannot disagree with it. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of designer sunglasses that goes along with all of your attires.

Every time you go out to buy designer sunglasses in Australia, we reckon you get a bit confused over the tons of designs and frames you find, which is pretty normal human behaviour. Many of you choose plastic or metals like stainless steel or copper. The metal frames might give you an allergic reaction too.

Hence, to clear your doubts when you go and buy designer sunglasses in Australia, here are a few reasons why you should go for aluminium sunglasses instead of other metals and plastic-based ones.

  • The shiny and glossy frame- The natural state of the metal itself determines the gloss of the frame. The silver-white natural colour of aluminium magnesium alloy is responsible for aluminium eyewear’s polished and beautiful appearance.
  • Good for the environment- Aluminium sunglasses are very eco friendly. After special treatment, aluminium magnesium alloy is nickel-free, which makes them environmentally safe and allergy-resistant.
  • High-pressure resistance- Aluminium sunglasses are resistant to high pressures and wear. The surface of the frame would be protected with a strong oxide coating after the antioxidant colouring treatment, and it would become extremely hard, even more substantial than the others.
  • Not easily broken or deformed- Aluminium is a material that is commonly used and suitable for optical sunglasses and sports eyewear. Aluminium manufacturing technology has continued to advance, becoming more sophisticated following the market development requirements.

Aluminium eyewear is one of the best options to choose for your sunglasses collection. Speaking of which, you can check out the Grix Sunglasses’ website or stores to buy designer sunglasses in Australia. We have a range of aluminium-based sunglasses explicitly made for race car enthusiasts, hot rod and custom bike builders.

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