Shout Out To All Our Grix Fans During Virus Lockdown


Comments are off May 8, 2020

Hi, we hope you are all staying safe during this world-wide COVID-19 virus lockdown.
We are certainly practising safe workplace standards here at Grix Sunglasses with all warehouse staff required to wipe down all products with anti bacterial wipes before dispatch.

What has been incredible is the jump in online orders. While everyone has been housebound, they have turned to their computers and mobile devices to keep an eye on whats happening and to do some online shopping. This has meant our sales have jumped 50%!

It has also been great to hear from some customers that have had their Grix Sunglases for up to 10 years and have made contact trying to order new lenses. Tell me any other brand that has that sort of loyalty. And any othjer brand with super duty billet aluminium frames that can handle 10 years worth of wear and tear. Amazing!

Thanks again Grix customers and fans and we all look forward to getting out and about soon.